About Fit Kitchen

A café which offers healthy, nourishing meals for the individuals who wish to live good, healthy lives, paired with our options for performance based nutrition to assist those with specific physical and athletic goals. We provide nutrition for everyone, crossing over from your gym junkies and athletes to those who simply seek a higher level of health and wellness.

To achieve specific physical goals, we must follow a specific diet plan. We do not only need to fill our diet with fresh and quality ingredients which have a high nutritional value, we also need to meet our specific requirements through the correct macronutrient composition and ensure maximum bioavalability of these nutrients so that we use our food effectively. Our menu was designed by our dietitian to cater for all individuals with different requirements and goals with ingredients that have a high nutritional value, while our head chef has then ensured you are only consuming food that tastes amazing. We know that each individual has different ideals about health and nutrition, and we understand that; which is why we have provided different options for everyone.

Fit-Kitchen-BCN-FrenteAbout Fit Kitchen Barcelona

The concepts that we have put in our menu include: