Stay healthy has never been harder. You never have time to cook so you end up eating whatever is available. Well now you can have restaurant quality meals that only take a few minutes to prepare. Our chefs have created a delicious selection of meals that have been approved by our in house dietitian.

We do everything we can to make sure that the food as healthy as possible and tastes amazing. Once an order has been made, your meal is prepared by our chefs and sealed with our vacuum seal machine which keeps in the freshness and lasts over 7 days in the fridge. All of the meals are made available at your designated pick up or delivery time and are ready to be prepared in just minutes.


Mr meal prep gives you the opportunity to get in the best shape of your life without the stress of knowing what to eat or having to prepare all of those meals. Simply select the "customised meal plan" option to get your diet that has been created by our personal dietitian. All you need to do is select your weight and goals and the meals will be automatically selected for you.
There are many gluten free and dairy free options available (GF= Gluten free, DF= Dairy free)


  1. Choose whether you would like to have our customized meal plans which have been generated by our dietitian, or create your own meal plan.
  2. If you have chosen to get a customised plan, enter your weight, choose your goals and your diet will be generated for you. You can then edit the number of meals by deleting any row.
  3. If you have decide to create your own plan, simply choose how many meals you would like and what size.
  4. Change any meals from the regular items or low carbohydrate items (low carbohydrate items can assist in further weight loss).
  5. Choose whether you want to add double carbohydrates to your meal (a way to further increase performance and weight gain) by selecting any of the boxes.
  6. Enter your payment method and choose your delivery or pick up time (N.B. all meals are delivered at one time and delivery is only available within 5km).

If you buy menus of 3 or more meals for a minimum of 2 weeks you will get a 10% discount.

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