Nutrition tip 2
Nutrition TIP 2
18 May, 2017
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20 June, 2017

Nutrition TIP 3

nutrition tip 3

nutrition tip 3

Choosing nutrient density over calorie density to lose weight and lose it safely!

A simple but effective way to grade foods is to choose those with a good nutrient density to calorie density ratio. This means that the percentage of nutrients to calories that a food provides is high.

The first part of this is aiming for nutrient dense foods. Research has shown that high level athletes with specific bodyfat percentages or weight requirements (such as bodybuilding, martial arts, etc) have a much higher than average chance of having some form of nutrient deficiency. When you choose foods, you therefore need to not only look for low calorie dense foods, but high nutrient dense foods.

But don’t be tricked, many health trends these days focus purely on quality over quantity, saying that calories are not important, you should just look at quality (high nutrient dense foods). To lose weight, you must have a negative energy balance (consume less calories than you burn). WE are telling you that you should do both, so don’t go and eat these super raw, organic, vegan, etc cakes which contain extremely high calorie dense ingredients such as nuts, seeds, honey, etc. In small doses they are great as they have a high nutrient density which have many positive attributes, but make sure you are aware of how many calories they contain and how they fit into your diet.

The aim of the game is to get the best bang for your buck, meaning that you should aim for as many nutrients as you can for as little calories as possible, so you can still consume an adequate amount of food, and stay healthy.

Some foods you should aim for which are have a great nutrient density to calorie density ratio are:

– fresh fruits (in particular berries)

– vegetables

– lean meats

– Whole grains such as quinoa, cous cous and oats

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